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Dosage and usage

Male sildenafil administered to men who have problems with potency. This is a drug that in 4 of 5 cases helps the first time. The drug does not cause a permanent erection, but contributes to its appearance during sexual stimulation.

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"Sildenafil" and "Generic sildenafil" is used in a dosage of 50 mg is the standard. For men with various diseases, unstable erection can be administered half the dose. Maximum daily dose is 100 mg of the active substance sildenafil.

There are also enhanced generics — "sildenafil" 150 mg. It is used in cases where a standard amount of the drug did not produce results.

Contraindications and side effects

Male sildenafil citrate remains the drug therefore has no side effects. They are always poorly expressed, even if manifest. A man can feel:
nasal congestion;
temporary loss of smell and color perception.

These little blue pills have helped many men who have problems with weak, or even absent erection. They also help with premature ejaculation.

3. Dynamic - another analogue of sildenafil, manufactured on the territory of Croatia. Since the active substance is the same sildenafil, and the effect in the same Preparata - 1 tablet 40-60 minutes before sexual intercourse and 5-6 hours man is in a fighting mood. Well, the name speaks for itself:

4. Texier - Slovak Viagra, is available in two dosages of sildenafil 50 and 100 mg.

5. Torneys - male pills from India that can help with sensitive issues. The manufacturer took care of a possible overdose and have released their tablets with a special chamfer, Pavlusha easy to divide one pill into several parts.

6. Vizarsin - drug based on sildenafil from Slovenia. As with other analogues is effective only during natural sexual stimulation.

7. Revatio - French drug containing sildenafil citrate, but is intended for treatment of another disease - pulmonary hypertension.

8. Levitra - the German analogue sildenafila, produced in the form of conventional tablets and tablets for sucking.

9. Cialis is fame stand on the same rung Levitras. A means to improve erections from England.

10. Zidena Korean drug in pill form.

11. Kamagra is one of the novelties in the field of such tools, a native of India. Indian entertainers, took pity on the male psyche, and released preparty in a variety of forms and form - chewable tablets, Siuchyk, even in the form of jelly Packed in individual sachet. Naturally, the usual tabletirovanne form is also present.

General information

Almost all drugs are taken on the same scheme, but the dosage is calculated individually. It is not recommended to take a second dose of funds within one day. The fastest action is not the form of the drug in the form of soluble effervescent tablets is to be taken 10-15 minutes before sex.